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Shanti Dynamite is 21 year old adult star to debut in the upcoming bollywood comedy movie Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein. Shanti devi desi dynamite is basically an Indian from UK all geared up to set screen on fire in the movie directed by Saurabh Malik will have Saurabh and Sonel Singh (of Roadies) in the lead roles. Shanti is performing in an item song in Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein, a movie based on life of medical students.

Shanti Dynamite Biography

Shanti Dynamite, a 21-year-old British adult star of Indian descent from UK. Shanti, who does adult chat shows for UK television and even runs her own production company shooting Indian adult music videos, will be seen doing an item song in the film titled Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein. The actress, who has grown up watching Hindi movies, is well versed with the B-town and talking about her favourite stars in bollywood, she states, "Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Sridevi and Shah Rukh Khan have been my all-time favourite stars and now, being a part of their industry makes me feel great."

Personal Profile

Name : Shanti Dynamite
Place of birth : Uk
Age : 21 years(approx)
Height : 5'7"(approx)
Occupation : Actress , model
Upcoming Bollywood movie : Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein

Shanti Dynamite


Shanti 's mother is a Punjabi and her father is a Greek. Her mother's father was from Jalandhar and was taken to Uganda by the British government when they were taking Indians to work in Africa, to develop the railway lines and to work in the coal mines. Her parents got divorced when she was too young and her mother brought her up single-handedly. She grew up while going to the gurdwaras, eating Indian dishes, wearing Indian clothes and watching Bollywood films.


Currently, Shanti is dating anyone but is waiting for someone in her real life. She said, "It is the most huggable and adorable companion weather you're having a good or a bad time in your life. And having one somewhere nearby, helps you to make that time better and brighter. It's almost like having someone special friend who is always there to support you".

Shanti Dynamite in Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein

Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein is a comedy thriller based on the life of medical college students where we have taken inspiration from some real life incidences, which is being directed by Saurabh Malik, Miss Dynamite is all set to sizzle the dance floor as an item number.

Asia's sexiest woman

Shanti Dynamite was ranked at number 48 as a latest entrant, by beating Bollywood most controversial actress Sunny Leone, Veena Malik and Poonam Pandey. The top 3 are Katrina who tops the rank, Priyanka coming second, and Drashti Dhami third. She said, "I'm hugely flattered. That's a nice surprise and a lot of fun to hear. Who wouldn't want to have a title like this bestowed on them. A big shouts out to everyone who voted for me."

Latest News

Shanti was seen spending her naughty time with teddy bear and she admits that she has a serious soft spot for stuffed animals specially "Teddy Bear" in her heart. She said, "My favourite toy is a teddy bear. I still have it and love him a lot. My teddy bears is my warm companions - good listeners, never critical and always reassuring. I'm not going to tell you it's name. I've had it since I was nine. Maybe one day I'll share this bear with the world. Maybe. I've actually never had a real teddy bear to work with. But I will get him soon in Bollywood the chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor. I want to cuddle him because he is so cute and lovely like my teddy bear."

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