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Young Aamir Khan in Dhoom : 3

The year is about to end and it seems Mr. Perfectionist has saved the best for the last. The latest released movie Dhoom : 3 has cute, little child actor who portrays the role of a Magician and young Aamir Khan with a great perfection. The official trailer opens with a young Aamir Khan showing his antics as a magician, who grows up to be a thief - shown using magic tricks, circus antics and then being chased by the police. Abhsihek Bachchan dons his cop avatar again, whereas Uday Chopra is seen doing his 'usual tomfoolery' in the trailer.

young aamir khan in dhoom 3

On the other hand, Katrina Kaif looks quite impressive doing her gymnast acts, wearing a sporty outfit that reminds a bit of Aishwarya Rai in the previous edition of 'Dhoom' franchise. She gets to romance Khan, who portrayed grey shades in the movie. Jackie Shroff, who is a magician too, plays the role of Aamir's father cum mentor in the movie in a guest appearance.

Young Aamir in Dhoom 3

The film revolves around Sahir, a magician played by Aamir, who learns magic tricks from his father played by Jackie Shroff in a circus. The story starts off with Jackie Shroff, owner of The Great Indian Circus, based in Chicago. His son Sahir (Aamir Khan) is an acrobat and performs in his father's circus. However, his circus is in danger of being taken over by the Western Bank of Chicago, for defaulting on its loans. So, Shroff tells the bank managers that he shall put up a performance that shall be the greatest show in the world and if they like it, they would let him keep his circus. Unfortunately Shroff fails to impress them with his magic trick, and they tells him to pack up and leave in five days. Shroff shoots himself point blank with a revolver. Sahir grows up pledging that he would destroy this bank and its manager. The real find of Dhoom 3 though is Siddharth Nigam, the child actor who essays the part of Aamir as kid. He lights up the screen with his self-assured performance and charming presence.

Aamir khan info Siddharth Nigam profile Dhoom 3 info
Aamir khan Siddharth Nigam Dhoom 3

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