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Ankur Ghai Wiki and biography

Ankur Ghai is a businessman from Delhi. He came into limelight for being husband of popular tv actress Kanica Maheshwari aka Meenakshi of Diya Aur Baati Hum. He is now burning the dance floor of popular dance reality show Nach Baliye Season 6 on Star Plus with his Baliye, Kanica.

Personal Profile

Name : Ankur Ghai
Place of birth : Delhi
Occupation : Businessman
Spouse : Kanica Maheshwari


Ankur is married to his long-term friend Kanica Maheshwari in on 18th of Jan 2012. The engagement ceremony took place in Delhi at Kanika's farm business in Metropolis including only adjacent and love one's.

Ankur Ghai

Ankur Ghai and Kanica Maheshwari

They met in 2003, in college and instantly developed a liking for each other, but Kanica had her dreams to pursue, so she came back to Mumbai and Ankur had his career - the construction business for which he stayed in Delhi. They didn't see each other for eight years after that and then suddenly they connected over the Internet, started talking to each other, met each other and liked each other all over again. Ankur said, "The good part was, we were both single then - neither was she married to anybody, nor was I. So you know, it kinda clicked there and we thought of giving it a try. And, that's how we ended up married to each other."

Ankur Ghai in Nach Baliye 6

Nach Baliye is one of the most popular dance reality show which has started with its sixth season. For Ankur and Kanica the show is nothing less than their second honeymoon. Ankur being a Delhi based businessman, Kanika use to travel to Delhi every fortnight to meet him. Nach Baliye gave the love birds an opportunity to not only spend quality time with each other but also explore their wild side. He said, "It's like a dream come true for us. We have hardly spent a maximum one month time with each other in the last 2 years but now it's around 3 months that we are together and I hope we have still more time to go. I am happy to be with her all the time here."

Ankur's beautiful wife Kanica has recently injured herself badly on the sets due to which the couple has finally quit the dance reality show Nach Baliye season 6. Actress said "Actually it was more of Ankur's decision about quitting the show. He doesn't want to take any chance when it comes to me."

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