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Harshita Gaur Wiki

Beautiful Harshita Gaur is a model-turned-actress, who had started her career in modelling and did modelling for many commercials. Now she is portraying an important role of Sanyukta in Channel [V]'s new show Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice.

Biography/Early life

Tv actress Harshita comes from a family of doctors in Delhi. She had completed her engineering before stepping into acting. Since childhood she wanted to get into acting and aspired to be on shows. She is trained in Kathak and has been a part of drama and creative societies in schools and colleges. Also is a simple and chilled-out person who believes in relaxed mind but not in relaxing. She feels her day being wasted if she did nothing through out the day or her day ended with zero learnings.

Personal Profile

Name : Harshita Gaur
Age : 24 years (approx)
Height : 5'4"(approx)
Weight :48 Kg Approx
Profession : Actress
Education : Engineering
Current City : Mumbai India
Current Serial : Sadda Haq

Harshita Gaur

In Sadda Haq

The real name of Sanyukta Agarwal is Harshita Gaur. She is playing the female lead Sayunkta in the youth based series Sadda Haq. According to storyline, Sayunkta living with her father, mother and a younger brother. She runs away from home in order to achieve her dream to attend prestigious engineering college FITE as she wants to becoming a mechanical engineer.

Sanyukta is a smart and intelligent girl in today's world. She knows how to get her things done through people and manage resources tactfully. Her character is very strong and she is seen fighting for her rights in every episode.

Harshita and Param Singh

Harshita is portraying the female lead as Sanyunkta opposite Param Singh as Randhir and Ankit Gupta as Parth Kashyap. Their onscreen love and hate relationship is loved by everyone. Param knows Harshita even before the show, their friendship grew stronger after being together in the show. Param never considered her as girlfriend and are best buddies now.


Harshita is not dating anyone. She is currently single and focussing on her career.


Tell us more about your character on the show?
I play a conservative Marwari girl, Sanyukta Agarwal who has had a keen interest in machines from childhood. She has grown up with that passion and wants to become a mechanical engineer at any cost. With our show we don't want to demean anyone, but we just want to make it clear that girls are no less in any field. Mechanical engineering may seem to be made for boys, but it can be a girl's talent too. And Sanyukta is out to prove the same to the world going against anything that comes her way as an obstacle to her dreams.

How did you end up bagging this role?
A friend suggested me that I go for the audition of this show. After going through the audition I got the final call. This project is a really good one and I gave it an instant nod.

How much do you relate with this character?
I relate with it a lot. Even I am an engineer and have the same kind of emotional connect with my mother like my character has. Also similar to Sanyukta, I also want to make a mark in my profession and prove that girls can achieve anything they want. And the way Sanyukta is street smart who can manipulate people to get her work done but not in a bad way, I too sometimes do the same.

Favourite shopping destination?
Delhi is my favourite shopping destination. I feel the variety one gets there is much better than that here in Mumbai

Clothes you are comfortable in
I love wearing long dresses or a jeans with a shirt or a t-shirt.

Must have in your wallet
My credit and debit cards are a must have in my wallet.

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