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Pooja Sharma Wiki

Pooja Sharma is a model-turned actress who is currently seen in one of the popular mythological serials 'Mahabharat' on Star Plus. She was chosen to enact the role of Draupadi.


Pooja Sharma was born in Delhi and had moved to Mumbai for making her career in acting. She always had a keen interest in acting rather than modelling. She was finally selected for the role of Draupadi in mythological venture Mahabharat.

Pooja Sharma

Personal Profile

Name : Pooja Sharma
Place of birth : Delhi
Age : 24 years (approx)
Height : 5'3" (approx)
Occupation : Model, Actress Zodiac Sign : Unknown


Pooja Sharma came from Delhi based educated family. Pooja gives the credit of being in the industry to her family members since they were the one to support her and were always excited to see her on screen. Though her brother is very critical, on the other hand her mom and sister-in-law loves her work.


Beautiful girl had started her career with modeling and took the world by surprise with her performance in Mahabharat. Apart from modeling she has done anchoring, hosting and daily ads. Gorgeous actresses like Yuvika Chaudhary and Anupriya Kapoor were also approached for the role but finally Pooja was able to grab the opportunity and make her Television debut. Till now her journey has been wonderful and loves her character of Draupadi now. Reportedly, she will also play the role of 'Sia' in the upcoming show Teri meri love stories.

Draupadi in Mahabharat

Pooja Sharma is portraying the role of Draupadi, daughter of King Draupad in Mahabharat. In the story, Maharishi came and told Draupad (Sudesh Berry) that through the yagna performed, he will have a son, but the fact is that he will have to accept a daughter first. Since, the daughter who will be born to him will install 'dharma' in the world. This way, King Drupad started his yagna in Kampilynagar wherein he requested Gods to give him a powerful son and Dhrishtadhyumn was born.

Draupad was very happy to get a son would not want a girl now, but the Rishis warned him and asked him to accept her. Finally, Draupad asked for a girl from the Gods, and this is how Draupadi was born out of the flames. After Draupadi was born, she is shown directly into adulthood without going through the various transitions in life that start from being a kid.

Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi couldn't express what she felt during the 'vastra haran' act in that scene and suggests people to watch that particular episode to get the real picture.

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