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Best Friends Forever is an indian television series aired on Channel V. Best Friends Forever is a youth show based on the friendship of three girls and a guy. Best friends forever is a close frndship typical of teenagers and young people. Such relationships are common in high school but,rather than lasting forever. This show is produced by Cinevista. The show has been started from 3rd december 2012 on Channel V. This show is based on the life of four friends Ela,Vinnie,Sanju and Varun who are law students and tag themselves as BFF but soon all equations change when they all go together and Varun commits sucide because of the misunderstanding and now the story is about whether Varun has really died, if yes who was responsible and if no, then where is he and who is blackmailing the three girls and whether these three girls are well wishers of each-other.

Story :

Best Friends Forever is about three friends Sajana, Ela and Vinnie who come from diverse backgrounds and proclaim themselves as each other's 'Best Friends Forever'. But a dark secret will change their relationship with each other forever. Will this flout the norm that only lucky people are born to get true best friends? Ela and Varun love eachother and Varun promises to propose Ela in front of the crowd during the party. But while party is going on he is seen cosying up with Vinnie. After he gets drunk, he goes to Sanju and says to her 'I love you'. Sanju gets shocked and says she is best freinds with both Vinnie and Ela and Varun must be loyal to Ela as Ela loves her a lot. This way during the party Varun plays with the emotions of all three girls and threatens to commit suicide when Sanju refuses his proposal and also declared that his relationship with Ela is over. Sanju ignores him but he jumps off the cliff. The three friends are scared and decide to keep this a secret for their lifetime. Four months later someone begins to stalk them saying the dark secret will soon be revealed.From hereon the story is about whether Varun has really died, if yes who was responsible and if no, then where is he and who is blackmailing the three girls and whether these three girls are well wishers of each-other.

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Shritama Mukherjee - Shritama Mukherjee of Dekha Ek Khwaab fame, she is playing the character of Vinnie in the show.
Fenil Umrigar - Fenil Umrigar,who was last seen in Life OK's Dil Se Di Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava,she is playing the character of Sanjana (Sanju).
Charlie Chauhan - Charlie Chauhan was last seen in MTV Roadies,she is playing the character of Ela.
Yuvraj Thakur - Yuvraj Thakur of Channel V's Humse Hai Life, he is palying the character of Varun Mittal(friend of Vinnie,sanju and Ela)
Parth Samthaan - Parth Samthaan is playing the role of male lead Prithvi,he is making his debut on small screen with Best Friends Forever.
Rohit Saraf Sahil - Sanju's friend.
Shravan Mehta - Nishant Ela, Sanju & Vinnie's classmate.
Ela Kapoor
Ela is a happy-go-lucky girl, likeable and bold. She is bindaas - and doesn't give a damn about any one - except Sanjana and Vinnie. But things change with the incident involving Varun and Then differences seep in.
Sanjana Roy
Sanjana is the caretaker of the two- Ela & Vinnie. Though she is a tomboy, she is emotionally strong. She has a strong instinct, which helps her figure out things.
Vinita Maheshwari
Vinnie is insecure and has issues with parents. She belongs to a conservative family, where the son is the apple of the eye - so she acts out against her mom. She tries to rebel against norms.
Prithvi is a stiff, cunning person who is there to create problems in the lives of the three girls to reveal out the truth they are holding inside.


Best Friends Forever started from 3rd december 2012 and it take the slot of 7.30 pm on Channel V. It airs every Monday to Friday and has its repeat telecast at 10:30 pm, the same day.

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