Crazy Stupid Ishq show on channel v

Crazy Stupid Ishq:

Crazy Stupid Ishq, A New Youth based Entertaining Love Story on Channel V. Channel V, As popular for its youth centered shows like Dil Dosti Dance, Suvreen Guggal is coming up with a fresh new confused love story produced by Sunshine Productions.

Crazy Stupid Ishq story

Channel V organize a youth oriented Show Crazy Stupid Ishq. This Programme is based on Love Story of two boys and two girls. Crazy Stupid Ishq on Channel V acteres is four guys Shanaaya, Anushka, Ayaan and Ishaan. Crazy Stupid Ishq talks about 4 ambitions and 5 love stories. Crazy Stupid Ishq has captured a contemporary theme which expresses youth opinions.

Crazy Stupid Ishq show on channel v

Crazy Stupid Ishq show cast

Heeba nawab : Heeba nawab playing the role of Anushka in show. Anushka is a bubbly, pampered child like girl who comes from Sonipath. She has one aim only and that is to become a star. She truly believes that she will shine,it' just a matter of finding the right platform. Her journey brings her to Bombay where she reunites with her childhood best friend Ayaan. In the course of the story she will crash, fall and falter in finding her dreams and her shot at true love but in the end like any princess in a fairy tale she gets her happy ending.

Vishal Vashisht Vishal Vashisht playing the role of Ayaan in show. Ayaan is a boy who has had to grow up too fast. He is the eldest of two sons and after his father's death and bankruptcy it falls on his shoulders to look after his family. A job he takes a little too seriously, that is until Anushka crash lands into his life. In the course of the story he realizes that you can follow your dreams and have fun by both living and falling in love.

Harsh Rajput : Harsh Rajput playing the role of Ishaan in show. Ishaan is Ayaan's younger brother who is a bit of a rogue and is always on the look out to make a quick buck. He's the charmer and the flirt who manages to charm his way into Anishka's heart.

Aneri Vajani : Aneri Vajani playing the role of Shanayaa in show. Shanayaa has everything going for her. She is rich, good looking, has a great singing voice and has a super star for a father and yet she is lonely. The only way she knows to protect herself is by being a rebel. In the course of the story she realizes that you may put up as many barriers between other people and your heart but when love comes knocking no barrier is strong enough.

Crazy Stupid Ishq show Schedule:

Crazy Stupid Ishq Starts from today 27 May 2013 at the 6.30 PM slot from Monday to Saturday.

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