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Neeraj Khemka is an NRI businessman and is now settled in Mumbai. It's rumoured that Neeraj Khemka is dating famous television actress Drashti Dhami, but nothing has been confirmed. Drashti has clarified that he is her friend and she is not dating anybody & just willing to concentrate on her famous show madhubala.


Neeraj is known to be friend of famous television actress Drashti Dhami. It is being also heard that Khemka's parents like Drashti in her Madhubala avatar. Neeraj was seen sitting along with Drasthi's brother Jaisheel Dhami during the Jhalak finale.


Neeraj Khemka belongs to a conservative Marwari family

Personal Profile

Name: Neeraj Khemka
Age: 27 Approx
Height: 5'8'' Approx
Occupation: Businessman

Neeraj Khemka

Neeraj Khemka and Drashti Dhami

Rumours are that the gorgeous Madhubala of small screen aka Drashti Dhami has found her Mr. Right. Drashti has suddenly made it to the headlines owing to her two year old love relation with NRI businessman Neeraj Khemka, who is now settled in Mumbai. Reports say that the two are very much in love and are planning to take the plunge by 2013. Dhami and Neeraj reportedly partied after her winning the Jhalak crown.

But Drashti refuted it by saying "There is no one in my life. She is quite upset with media for digging into her personal life and troubling the ones close to her. The girl has made it clear that though she knows Neeraj quite well there is nothing brewing between them."

Latest News

Neeraj Khemka's marriage to his girlfriend actress Drashti Dhami has been a matter of great speculation. Numerous possible dates have been tossed in the air but the much awaited nuptial is yet take place. If reports are to be believed then couple is ready to tie the knot on 22nd February 2014.

Drashti Dhami

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