Parineeti Chopra Interview

Quirky Parineeti Chopra is obsessed with her weight and has now became a youth icon.

Rendezvous with Parineeti Chopra

1. How did you bag a role in the Karan Johar/Anurag Kashyap production Hasee Toh Phasee?
An interesting set of events led me to work in Hasee Toh Phasee. I was offered the film last year, I loved the role and was dying to do it. But I had to say no due to a packed schedule. I told the people at Phantom (production company owned by Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena) that if they ever pushed this film to a later date they should inform me before offering it to someone else. Then after some time Karan asked me to meet him. I wondered what film Dharma could be offering me. Karan hinted at a film I already knew about. He was talking about Vinil's film and I said, 'I'm dying to do that movie. Have you guys pushed it?' Karan said, 'Yes!' I finally signed the film the third time round. I'm so glad that it didn't go to anyone else.

2. Actresses usually prefer established heroes. Is it a conscious effort to work with new actors like Sidharth Malhotra and Sushant Singh?
I was offered films opposite big stars where I would have been made to look good and sing four songs. With the kind of success I've got, any other actress in my place would happily cool her heels. I've won awards for Ladies V/S Ricky Bahl, I've won the National Award for Ishaqzaade. After such acclaim the audience knows you can act. I could just do song and dance routines, enjoy life, travel the world and make money. But I'm taking a risk in terms of the scripts I'm picking. I'm choosing roles where I can perform.

Parineeti Chopra Interview

3.Are you greedy for appreciation?
Yes, I'm hungry for the appreciation that comes on a Friday, when people say, 'she was good' or when it's written in the papers, 'she did a good job'. I know the money will come and the travelling will happen too. I can work in big films next year but I want to be good in my first four to five films. I want to give acting my best shot. I want to be the actor to whom directors offer a role without asking, "Yeh role tum kar paogi?" I want to stand out in all my films, whether it's Hasee Toh Phasee or even Maneesh's next. These are author-backed roles and require homework. But Kill Dil is the first film I'm doing entirely for fun. It's a great role but it won't require me to do as much homework as the others require me to do. That's fine because by then I believe I'll have earned respect. Like Rani Mukerji can be in a bad film, but she'll be good. I want to be like that.

5. Depends who your benchmark is - Alia or Sonakshi Sinha?
Sorry to inform you, but you can't compare me to Sonakshi Sinha. Come on! On a serious note - yes, at some point I considered myself overweight. The clothes that designers sent me never fit me properly. So obviously when you don't have the body to pull off good clothes, then definitely your sense of style would get affected. For a couple of months I have been working hard to look better and lose weight and I think I definitely have lost some weight, but there is still a long way to go. Yes, if Alia is a benchmark, then I definitely have still not reached to her mark, but still you can't compare me to Sonakshi Sinha!

4. Do you still consider yourself overweight?
What do you think! Haven't I lost some weight? And I want an answer....

6. The title of the film itself suggests that it is quirky. What quirky habit does Sidharth have?
He applies lip balm a lot. Even I apply it a lot. Many times on sets it used to happen like everyone is waiting and we both are still doing our makeup, but what we were actually doing is putting on lip balm. Even between shots, when we went for touch-ups we used to be stuck for long applying just lip balm. It is a quirky kind of a habit that everyone on sets used to hate.

7. Did you have any 'senti' or 'mental' moments on sets?
I used to get 'senti' on sets a lot, especially when my shot was not going right. And talking of 'mental', playing this character itself was mental. The role demanded that. I had to be crazy and come up with ideas that were very weird and most of the times the director liked it.

8. There are lots of rom-coms releasing every year. What is different about this one?
The characters are different. It is not a normal boy and normal girl who meet and fall and love and then they have some problem and how they solve it. The characters are so strange that you won't be ready to believe that they can have a love story. That is the newness of the film.

9. How different are the working cultures in Yash Raj Productions and Dharma Productions?
Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar are actually very cool producers. They treat you as a friend and give you great advice. You can meet them any time and approach them any time with any problem you are facing in terms of your character or anything else. In this sense the two production houses are not that different. But yes, at one point I was working at the YRF office and now when I come to Dharma I am like, 'Okay, so you'll do it this way'. That's all.

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