Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed

Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed was an Indian soap opera that airs on Zee TV. The makers of Punar Vivah, Shashi Sumeet Mittal produced this all new season of Punar Vivah. It replaced the season 1 of Punar Vivah.


The story was of two old lovers Raj and Divya who were separated due to circumstances. After 10 years, Divya became a popular TV actress, she returned to Bhopal to meet her love Raj for whom she waited for 10 years, but comes to know that Raj is married to Sarita. After knowing this Divya thinks that Raj has moved forward in life and she also decides to marry Gaurav, but she does not know that in 10 years of Raj and Sarita's marriage they did not have any real husband wife relationship. Divya comes at Raj's house to stay and tries her best to bring him close to Sarita controlling her emotions.


The show marked the entry of new character Vikrant Singhania, which was played by handsome actor Eijaz Khan. His role was inspired from the popular character of Mr. Bajaj aka Ronit Roy from Kasautii Zindagi Kay.

Punar Vivah season 2


Karan Grover as Raj Sohanlal Jakhotia
Rubina Dilaik as Divya Malhotra
Srishty Rode as Sarita Raj Jakhotia
Sanjai Gandhi as Sohanlal Jakhotia
Sangeeta Pawar as Kamla Sohanlal Jakhotia
Nazea Sayed as Sheela Sohanlal Jakhotia
Khushboo Thakkar as Babli Sohanlal Jakhotia
Abha Parmar as Dadi
Ayaz Khan as Gaurav
Pallavi Rao as Sundari Sohanlal Jakhotia
Chitrapama Banerjee as Gaurav's Mother
Abhishek Malik as Rohan
Nisha Nagpal as Kajri
Surbhi Zaveri Vyas as Rohan's Mother


Punar Vivah ended 17th May, 2013 and Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed replaced Punar Vivah from 20th May, 2013. It went off air on November 29, 2013.

Rubina Dilaik Karan v Grover
Rubina Dilaik profile Karan v Grover profile