Yuvraj Thakur Profile

Yuvraj Thakur is an Indian Television Actor. He has worked with Shahid Kapoor in Vaseline Face wash ad and many commercial ads. He played the lead role in Best Friend Forever on Channel V. He was also seen in the daily soap Bade Achhe Lagte Hain on Sony Tv. He was last appeared as Anshumann/Sarthak in MTV's Fanaah season 1 and 2.


Yuvraj Thakur was born on November 22, 1989. He is an ordinary guy who dreams, works, Very down to earth - a Shinning star, clear about his Values, a real Topper, an inspiration to the people who know him well and full of Positivity. He is also known as "The king of Positivity". Yuvraj is sensitive, yet practical and grounded. His witty sense of humour makes every conversation and interview interesting. And above all, his sweet and humble nature makes him extremely adorable.

He believes in one thing which is above status, money, career everything and that is values and understanding of life. He just know how to enjoy each day each moment of his life from heart. He loves to read motivational books and "Sir Bruce Lee" is like GOD to him. Sir Bruce Lee's deeds, values, principles, passion for life inspires him a lot.


Yuvraj Thakur has a very close school friend whom he likes very much but he is not in the relationship yet. He clears out his girlfriend name as Simran who is pilot by profession. Simran is very good friend of him and they have spent a lot of time together, but it doesn't convey that they are in a relationship.

Personal Profile

Birth Name : Yuvraj Thakur
Nick Name : Yuvi, Munna
Birthday : Nov 22, 1989
Fame Name : Arjun
Age : 25 years
Occupatipn : Actor
Current Serial : Bade Achhe Lagte Hain
Dream date : Kristen Stewart

Yuvraj Thakur biography

In MTV Fanaah season 1 & 2

Yuvraj Thakur played the role as Anshuman/Sarthak in the popular vampire series, MTV Fanaah season 1 and season 2. Earlier Anshuman's role was played by Nakul Sahdev.

Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever was one of the highest TRP show on channel V. It was the story of friendship and betrayal which revolved around the gang of three girls, and one male friend. Yuvraj Thakur was roped for the lead role and later his character was shown dead but there was always mystery associated with his character.

In Humse Hai Life

Yuvraj played the role of Arjun Thakur in Humse hai Life aired on Channel V. Arjun was Raaghav's best buddy and in most ways a complete opposite of him. Unlike any of the other rich kids, he does not find worth in power or money. Very idealistic about life, he expects the same from others. It is this characteristic that makes him impractical sometimes as he looks at people in complete black or white. For him the greys don't exist. Because Raaghav's a friend so he can do no wrong.

Yuvraj Thakur and Abigail Jain

Yuvraj Thakur and Abigail Jain were last seen together for the show Humse Hai Lfe on channel V, they were in the lead roles and both are seen doing short roles for various shows on channel V. They walk on the ramp for Gitanjali Jewellers at IIJW in Mumbai.

Yuvraj Thakur and Shahid Kapoor

Yuvraj Thakur has worked with Shahid Kapoor in Vaseline Face wash ad. Yuvraj is the Shahid kapoor of television, as both the guys have lot of similarities right from their cuteness, acting, dance, smile and female fan following.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Sammy Shergill's real name is Yuvraj Thakur. Sammy is the son of Neha and Vikram Shergill in the daily soap Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. He was playing no more than the privileged bad boy, but now he is more than just that. He had developed a love interest in Suhaani (Ekta Kaul), the young intern who looked after Priya when she was in a coma.

Television Serials

2011-2012 Humse Hai Liife
2012-2013 Best Friends Forever?
2013-2014 Bade Achhe Lagte Hain
2012 Gumrah End Of Innocence
2013 Yeh Hai Aashiqui
2014 Pyar Tune Kya Kiya
2014-present MTV Fanaah


Favourite TV show: Humse Hai Life.
Favourite Bollywood actor: Irrfan Khan
Favourite Bollywood actress: Kareena Kapoor
Favourite Hollywood actor: Christian Bell.
Favourite Hollywood actress: Meryl Streep.
Favourite cartoon character: SWAT Kats.

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