Unknown facts about Kangana Ranaut

The beauty 'Queen' Kangana Ranaut is now ruling the bollywood film industry. Her journey from a Gangster's girlfriend to Queen of hearts wasn't easy. From a small town girl to a bollywood star, Kangana has made really big in the industry. Let's have a peep into the actress life.

Kangana Ranaut life facts

1. Kangana Ranaut's mother Asha was a Sanskrit teacher and father is a businessmen.
2. During her childhood, she doesn't remember her mom's lullabies, but her strictness.
3. She wanted to be a doctor before starting a career in showbiz.

Kangana Ranaut personal info

4. Kangana studied Science but wanted to quit studies at the age of 15 & pursue sculpture making, for which her father slapped her for the first time.
5. She came out of the home and started her modelling at the age of 17 years.
6. After a long struggle, the actress was spotted by Anurag Basu in a coffee shop and got leading role in Gangster.

Kangana Ranaut

7. The beautiful doll has admitted herself as a very difficult and stubborn person.
8. Kangana doesn't have friends as she is a very boring person.
9. Before turning 30, she would like to live in different countries and places and like to live a gypsy life to get a sense and rhythm of life.
10. She doesn't like watching television and she has watched just 10 movies till date. She would rather read books and listen to music for hours.

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