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Jalal saves the ladies unaware jodha is among them!

The tension between Jodha and Akbar in Jodha Akbar won't get sorted anytime soon. In the recent episode, Akbar argues with the village Mukhiya, to establish that it is no crime to fall in love for a second time, if a woman becomes widow. He opines that those are criminals who punish an innocent lover.

The Mukhiya becomes arrogant and orders the mob to attack Akbar. Akbar alone fights against more than one men and defeats them. They understand that he is a big fighter and flee quickly. Akbar frees the helpless widow and tells her to live the life as she wants.

Akbar becomes weary as his wounds bleed profusely. Jodha sees him staggering, she cannot understand how to help him. Soon, he is rescued by Todarmal. Jodha is assured that Akbar will be protected by a generous person.

Jodha cries in front of Kanha. She says that she cannot go back to Akbar who did not trust her. She knows that he is equally suffering in her absence. Shahnaz applies ointment on Jodha’s wounds. Jodha regrets that she cannot nurse Akbar in this condition.

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Rajat Tokas as Mughal Emperor Akbar

The real name of Akbar is Rajat Tokas who was last seen in Balaji Telefilms Tere Liye. He is playing one of the biggest role of his career Mughal Emperor Akbar. The actor, who made his debut as the male lead with historical show Prithviraj Chauhan, and made his grand entry in the hearts of million is returning to this genre as Akbar. May be this can be the lucky charm for Rajat and the show.

Paridhi Sharma as Jodha

Finding Jodha Bai was not an easy task. The real name of Jodha is Paridhi Sharma. After eight months nation-wide search and auditions, she has got this role of Jodha. This is Paridhi's first lead role after she appeared as part of the supporting cast in Ruk Jaana Nahi.

Jodha Akbar Cast

Rajat Tokas Paridhi sharma profile ishita vyas
Rajat Tokas Paridhi sharma Ishita Vyas
Jodha Akbar story Ashwini Kalsekar profile Jodha Akbar show
Jodha Akbar story Ashwini Kalsekar Jodha Akbar show
Manisha Yadav profile Lavina Tandon Chetan Hansraj profile
Manisha Yadav Lavina Tandon Chetan Hansraj