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A Youth Entertainment channel, Channel [V] has started a new show named Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice. It is about a girl with dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and how she lives her life on her terms.


Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice is the story of a brilliant and curious girl Sayunkta Agarwal who has harbored the dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. She is fascinated with anything that is related to machines and gadgets. But she belongs to a very conservative family where the men are everything and women are just supposed to be wives. The engineering college has only boys as students, who are also of the belief that women have no place there.

Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice

Cast and Crew

Sadda Haq, is about the importance of women in a man's world. Women are still often relegated to being homemakers and child bearers and that's a wrong which needs to be corrected. Sanyukta, the lead of this show is to be played by model Harshita Gaur opposite talented actor Param Singh. The makers has now introduced a new lad Ankit Gupta as the second lead of the show. He is playing the role of Parth who have a notion that "women are the blessed ones".

Sadda Haq completes 300 episodes

Channel V and Beyond Dreams Entertainment launched their show Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice that depicted a girl's dream of becoming an engineer and finding her stand in a man's world. The concept struck a chord with the audiences instantly and on 22 January 2015, the show has gone on to completed 300 episodes. With the show currently shifting base from college and presenting the challenges Sanyukta faces in the factory set up, has already created a buzz among loyal viewers of the show. Sadda Haq is surely one of the most loved youth shows on TV today. The team will get together for a cake cutting today evening and celebrate the achievement.

Harshita Gaur - Sanyukta Agarwal
Param Singh - Randhir Shekhawat
Krip Suri - Professor Vardhan
Chirag Desai - Jignesh
Kausthuki - Homring
Ankit Gupta - Parth


This daily fiction show has already started. It airs from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM.

harshita gaur Chirag Desai Homring biography
Harshita Gaur Chirag Desai Homring
Krip Suri Param Singh  Ankit Gupta
Krip Suri Param Singh Ankit Gupta
varnica singh