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Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice Wiki

Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice was a youth based show which aired on Channel [V]. The show was created by Anand Sivakumaran and directed by Dev and Anil. It was about a girl with dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and how she lives her life on her terms.


Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice was the story of a brilliant and curious girl Sayunkta Agarwal who has harbored the dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. She was fascinated with anything that is related to machines and gadgets. But she belongs to a very conservative family where the men are everything and women are just supposed to be wives. The engineering college has only boys as students, who are also of the belief that women have no place there.

Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice


Harshita Gaur as Sanyukta Aggarwal
Param Singh as Randhir Singh Shekhawat
Gachui Homring as Kaustuki Sherpa
Chirag Desai as Jignesh Patel
Nisha Neha Nayak as Vidushi Kumar
Ankit Gupta as Parth Kashyap
Prince Dua as Khuswant Singh
Manik Talwar as Sahil Kataria

Ashwini Koul as Aryan
Shabnam Pandey as Sanaya Jha
Mohak Khurana as Joy Dasgupta
Sneha Shah as Kritika Narayan Swamy
Puneett Chouksey as Arjun Khanna
Aashutosh Semwal as Sumit Jain
Ali Merchant as Nirmaan Nambiar


Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice originally aired from November 25, 2013 to June 30, 2016 from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM.

harshita gaur Chirag Desai Homring biography
Harshita Gaur Chirag Desai Homring
Krip Suri Param Singh  Ankit Gupta
Krip Suri Param Singh Ankit Gupta