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Nysa Devgn is the daughter of star couple Kajol and Ajay Devgn. The adorable girl was born on 20 April 2003. Her name 'Nysa' gives the meaning 'Goddess of purity'. Nysa likes to read books like her mother Kajol.


Nysa was born to Bollywood actor, film director and producer Ajay Devgn and actress Kajol. She has one brother Yug Devgn, who is younger to her. Her paternal grand parents are Veeru Devgan and Veena Devgan. Producer Anil Devgan is her paternal uncle. Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja are her maternal grand parents. Actress Tanisha Mukherjee is her aunt.

Nysa Ajay Devgan

Personal Profile

Name : Nysa Devgan
Born : 20 April 2003
Age : 13 years
Father's Name : Ajay Devgn
Mother's Name : Kajol
Brother's Name : Yug Devgn

Father Ajay Devgn

Ajay is a loving Dad for princess Nysa. She is alike Ajay, thinking from every side of a situation. In an interview Ajay Devgn said that, his children are very special to him and they are also his stressbusters. About Nysa he said, "Nysa has always been the super-wise one and has great one-liners. She is such a sharp thinker and analyses everything."

Mother Kajol

Kajol is a strict mother when it comes to descipline. Kajol said, "I am very strict with my children. And I also explain to Nysa, I tell her that I have to be harder on you, I have to teach you certain things because if I don't teach you, there is nobody else in this world who will turn around and say no to Nysa Devgn. It has to be me and tell you that you are doing this wrong. I have to give you values."

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