Rajvir Deol Profile

Rajvir Deol is the second son of Bollywood legendry actor Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. He is the younger brother of Karan Deol, who is set to make his bollywood debut. Rajvir is not much spotted like Karan. But he surely follows the family trend and may enter the acting career.

Personal Life

Rajvir's Father Sunny Deol never be in media talk. He is away from issues. His mother is Pooja Deol, who is not related to bollywood industry. She never faced the media till date like other celebrity wives. The elder son of the couple is Karan Deol.

Rajvir Deol

Personal Profile

Birth Name : Rajvir Deol
Age : 17 years
Height: 5'7" (approx)
Father Name: Sunny Deol
Mother Name: Pooja Deol
Brother : Karan Deol
Relatives : Dharmendra (Grandfather), Bobby Deol(uncle)

Rajvir Deol Sunny deol son

Rajvir Deol is the brilliant person born in a Punjabi Sikh family. He is the younger son of hindi film actor Sunny Deol. He father is his ideal person and always follows his steps.

Rajvir Deol and karan Deol

Rajvir deol is the younger brother of Karan Deol. They both share a good brotherhood relation. Rajvir shares all his views with his brother.


Rajvir Deol is the grandson of the actor Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He is the second son of Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. He has one brother elder to him named, Karan Deol aka Rocky. He is going to make his bollywood debut as an assistant director.

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