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Suranika Roshan Wiki and Biography

Suranika Roshan is the daughter of Sunaina Roshan and grand daughter of bollywood's yesteryear actor, director and producer Rakesh Roshan. She is the niece of bollywood super star Hrithik Roshan. She is doing her studies in USA.

Personal Profile

Full Name : Suranika Roshan
Name : Suranika
Birth place : Unknown
Date of Birth : Unknown
Age : 17 years approx
Height : 5'4" approx.
Father Name : Ashish Soni
Mother name : Sunaina Roshan

Suranika Roshan


Suranika Roshan is the daughter of Sunaina Roshan, who is a co-producer of bollywood films Kites and Krazzy 4. Bollywood's famous producer, director Rakesh Roshan is her grand father. Super star Hrithik Roshan is her uncle. Suranika's mother got divorced with his father Ashish Sony. This couple has a daughter Ashish, who lives with her father. Sunaina recently got married to another guy Mohan Nagar. Sunaina was suffered with cancer few years ago, at that time suranika took care of her mother very well.

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